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Our Pros Answer Your Questions About Carbon Monoxide

Furnaces combust fuels such as oil and natural gas to create heat for your home. As a result of this process, carbon monoxide is released. Carbon monoxide is flammable and hazardous gas that can lead to a lot of health and breathing complications. Thankfully, furnaces are built with flue pipes that ventilate carbon monoxide safely

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Will closing my vents help with my energy bills?

Trying to monitor the temperatures and energy costs in your residence can be difficult. There’s one approach many homeowners give a shot to try to come to a solution—closing the vents. Whether you are trying to push cooler air to different spaces or looking for ways to decrease your monthly energy bills, closing vents might

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Why you should replace your air filter this winter

We encourage preventative maintenance on your heating and air conditioning equipment all the time, but this doesn’t only mean annual tune-ups – it also involves assessing your air filters. It’s a quick way to help keep your system working smoothly and improve your indoor air quality, and you can easily do it by yourself! Now

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Why you should invest in annual heat pump service

Do you really need annual heat pump service? The short answer is yes. It’s a minor investment that can assure you get the most out of your system, your unit’s productivity, and your own comfort. Regular heat pump service will also offer you something you can’t put a price on – ease. We’re all concerned

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Why Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality is Significant

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has likely flipped your typical schedule into a jumble. When times feel uncertain, you can take peace in knowing your house is your safe area. You’re probably spending more time there nowadays. Consequently your indoor air quality is now more critical than ever. Did you realize we can install indoor air

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HVAC Zoning Systems: What They Do and Why Your Home Needs One

Efficiency is an important aspect of using your home’s HVAC system. You want to be sure the smallest amount of energy is used to maintain comfortable temperatures. But the layout of your home and the preferences of different family members can change what’s “comfortable”. Taking all this into consideration can make using your HVAC system

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Why Now is the Best Time for Air Conditioner Replacement

Spring is just ahead and that means that heat is coming our way. Lots of us are happy for that first heat wave and when we are able to turn our air conditioners on after months without use. But that phase of idle use can frequently cause concerns to our system that we usually can’t

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Why It’s Important to Take Care of AC Repairs Before It Warms Up

The perfect time to have AC repairs and preventative maintenance schedule is the spring to guarantee your home keeps comfortable all summer long. HVAC professionals are very busy during the hotter months. If you have to have a repair in the Paso Robles summer, you might be losing your comfort waiting for a repair appointment.

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Why Its Important to Have Your AC Professionally Installed

Do-it-yourself has become a way of life for many people who want to conserve their money. But doing your own AC installation is not one of those DIYs you can ever do just alone. As a matter of fact, the industry is extremely regulated and expects correct licensing and extensive training on both installation techniques

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Why is Your Heat Pump Tripping Your Circuit Breaker?

Having an appliance tripping your circuit breaker is never a good thing, but having your heat pump cause difficulties that disturb your home comfort is on Paso Robles Heating and Air’s list of “Bad Things.” If your heat pump is tripping your circuit breaker, it could mean you need a heat pump repair. Paso Robles

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