Lennox® Air Handlers

Lennox Air Handlers

Durable Lennox® air handlers in Paso Robles, California, are some of the quietest and most energy efficient you can purchase.

An air handler runs with your air conditioner or heat pump to pass air throughout your space.

Lennox air handlers form a practically silent, steady flow of air, helping your home remain more comfortable. In summer weather, this endless air stream helps decreased humidity.

Some Lennox products work with variable-speed technology, which dispatches stable temperatures while employing less energy. Change up your system by including EVENHEATER®, which heats air before distributing it, or an air filtration system for healthier air quality.

Cut down on your electricity costs by coupling your modern model with a Lennox smart thermostat. These innovative instruments supply precise control over your house’s comfort, whether you’re around or out.

We’re eager to handle your air handler replacement challenges in Paso Robles. Our heating and cooling experts can help you pick the proper model for your family and bottom line. Ring us at 805-203-8667 to find your match as soon as possible.

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Lennox air handler Comparison Brochure

Lennox Air Handler Comparison Guide

Features like variable-speed airflow let Lennox® air handlers provide just the right amount of air to keep your home feeling perfect. All while helping you use less energy every day. Click to download our current Lennox air handler product comparison guide.

4 Perks of a Modern Air Handler

Finding a new air handler allows for many perks for your space, starting with:
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Elevated energy efficiency

A Few Lennox air handlers feature variable-speed technology, which needs up to two-thirds less energy than competitive single-stage units.

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Greater life span

Lennox air handlers are meticulously manufactured and precisely tested to deliver long lasting, stable comfort.

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Less loud heating and cooling

Some Lennox air handlers are amid the quietest you can find, distributing heating and cooling you’ll feel‚ not hear.

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Increased air filtration

Pair select equipment with a Lennox air filtration system for purer air and less present irritants.

We’ll Help You Find the Appropriate Air Handler for Your Space

Give us a call at 805-203-8667 or contact us online to learn more about the Lennox air handlers available through Paso Robles Heating and Air. We’ll help you pick the appropriate unit for your needs and budget.

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