How to Keep Your Paso Robles Home Comfortable During Cooler Months

March 15, 2017

If you want to stay comfortable during the cold months in Paso Robles, your heat pump will demand some maintenance to keep operating at its best. If you’ve already planned your once a year tune-up with Paso Robles Heating and Air, you’re right on schedule. Don’t be too concered if you haven’t, there’s still time! Give us a call at [[phonenumber]] to schedule your appointment.

Between professional tune-ups, there are plenty things you can do to keep your heat pump running at its best performance. Try these maintenance tips to keep your heat pump on track:

  • Are your coils and fans clear for optimal airflow? Lessened airflow makes your heat pump over worked and can hurt your system’s compressor.
  • Your supply and return registers should be open and clear.
  • Check your filters regularly and clean or change them when recommended. We can’t recommend this enough. It’s a practical way to help the airflow through your furnace and maintain peak efficiency.
  • Clear the area around your outdoor unit if a mess has accumulated or plants have taken over the space.
  • To check that your system is working well, test your thermostat often. Turn it on and gradually increase the temperature setting until you hear your heat pump turn on. If you don’t hear anything, read our blog post on heat pump repair for thermostat guidance or schedule an appointment with us.

Keeping you comfortable this winter is a priority for us. If you want to hear more about heat pump maintenance or would like to meet with one of our professionals, call Paso Robles Heating and Air at [[phonenumber]] or set up an appointment online.